Ronin Lord of the Carpenter's Tower


Weathered and lean, Kiendo typically looks as though he only half fills the massive Hida armor he wears while on duty, which is to say practically every moment. A former wave-man of the Wall, Kiendo earned his position within the Crab the hard way and looks like he’s lived hard every one of his forty years.


Kiendo’s life is unknown before he arrived at the Wall two decades ago, and he refuses to talk about anything before his first assignment at the Falling Goose pagoda. It is believed from his manner and skill with tactics that he was an Akodo Bushi, but it is not something he will confirm. His time at the pagoda was marked by a steep rise through the ranks and a particular skill with the logistics of fighting the war against the darklings. He was awarded his armor when Hida Akami was killed while leading his unit against a goblin overrun of the pagoda. Kiendo returned his body and weapons before they were lost to the goblins which overran the pagoda, and the local Lord Hida awarded the ronin the recovered armor if he would swear to defend the Wall until his least breath.


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