Hidden Century

Autumn of Wolves

The beginning of the troubles at Shiro Honshu

The Emerald Magistrate Ikoma Tirin’s arrival to Shiro Honshu has been met with warier acceptance than he is comfortable with. The old magistrate smells blood in the air, and suspects maho-tsukai have perhaps infiltrated the once-tragic castle. He, and the young deputy magistrates traveling with him, are right to be afraid. The peasant uprising along the River of the Hour of the Wolf is not what it appears to be.

The Emerald Magistrate’s arrival with his yoriki is tense, and a pall hangs over the ancient castle, site of one of the greatest slaughters in Rokugani history, the Battle of the Hour of the Wolf. The Honshu family, whose territorial lands had been touched by such unclean it is whispered they dance with ghosts, is not particularly known for their love of outsiders in their lands, but the uprising has forced Lord Honshu’s hand.

The Honshu will help the yoriki settle into the castle while Emerald Magistrate has his council with the Lord Honshu.


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