Welcome to the Hidden Century, a 4th edition L5R campaign set in the ‘Hidden’ tenth century, a time whose actual history has been lost to the scribes of history through calamity and grief.

Hidden Century is a two-pronged campaign; with one set of characters, the players are yoriki of the Emerald Magistrature, seeking out to thwart a strange corruption gripping the Empire. With another, they are holding the Wall fast against the horrors of the Shadowlands in The Carpenter’s Tower.

We will use standard character creation rules for both sets of characters.

The first chapter of the campaign, A Winter of Wolves, begins with the Emerald and Jade yoriki dispatched to Shiro Honshu, a rural encastellation that overlooks the lonely River of the Hour of the Wolf, a place that teems with a dark history between the Scorpion and Lion. The line between ningen-do and gaki-do, the realm of the hungry dead, has been drawn thin here unbeknownst to the Empire, which is here to investigate claims of banditry by the local Lord.

Meanwhile on the Wall, a foul wind blows from the south along the Carpenter’s Road, bringing with it spoilage and sickness of the Taint. The great jade lined doors that normally block such hideous corruption are powerless against it. The Lord of the Third, a Ronin risen to the rank of Lord Steward by the name of Kiendo, has dispatched a party of Samurai south of the Wall to investigate the happenings there, and the source of the corruption plaguing the Road.

Hidden Century

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